Sunday, June 27, 2010

Want your pet's food delivered each time?

I learned about this site a few days ago, and it seems like a pretty good program that may be of interest to many fellow pet lovers. The site is called I thought I would share it with everyone in case you are interested. It's a great idea I think.

Skeptic that I am, I read through their site information thoroughly. I have to say I was impressed with the wide variety of foods they have available, from economical brands to top of the line, super premium foods. PetFlow boasts more than 50 brands for dogs and cats, including dry and wet food, pet treats, litter materials and Wee Wee pads. Check out this link for available brands.

According to their site information, Petflow is a simple online service that allows you to quickly find food for your pets and set up an auto-ship program so you never have to run to the store last minute again! PetFlow was created for one very simple reason, to ensure that you never run out of food for your pet. Setup a customized delivery schedule that fits your individual needs. Their programming and design team is located in New York City, NY, however, they ship from two distribution centers, one on the east coast, and one on the west coast.

You can join PetFlow for free and the products are majorly discounted – up to 25% compared to your local store. In addition, you can get free shipping on any orders more than $65 by signing up at

Another thing I liked about them is that a portion of the proceeds from any purchase will be donated to the Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center, one of Long Island's oldest no-kill shelters.

Check them out. It might be a good solution to having to run to the pet store every week like I do.

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