Saturday, October 16, 2010

The mission of No Kill Louisville is to raise awareness and funds in support of becoming a No Kill community. There are millions of people who love animals and have simply not been educated about the No Kill equation or have a clear understanding of its relevance on "quality of life" in a community.

Those who began the "No Kill Louisville" group believe that it is possible to save every "adoptable" animal in Louisville. This does not mean that no animal should be euthanized. We believe that animals who are suffering from illness or injury and cannot be treated should be humanely euthanized with gentleness and compassion.

We also recognize that at this time in history our nation does not have the full resources to rehabilitate those animals who have been abused and neglected and due to that abuse or neglect are dangerous to people and other animals. We also feel animals properly assessed and deemed "too dangerous" must be humanely euthanized with compassion.

We need "general volunteers" to help out with events, transports, fostering, and more. Please email or if this type of volunteering interests you more. When it comes to saving animals, there's something for everyone. Help us spread the word and tell more people how they can get involved by sending them to No Kill Louisville. If you want to help but don't know how, contact us at

Check out their facebook page at

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