Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Treats even Santa would love!

My guys recently got an opportunity to sample some yummy holiday treats from Three Dog Bakery. They always look forward to taste-testing a new box of goodies. I can sum up this particular collection of holiday treats very simply....

If you left a plate of these for Santa, he'd be asking for a refill!

As always, everything from Three Dog Bakery is made with top notch ingredients, completely human edible, and completely yummy. Yeah....I ate one of each myself like I always do.

The first treats we tried were the Begg-nog Squares. They are made with real vanilla and cinnamon, and they smell wonderful! My guys loved them, especially Solomon, my ultra-picky male golden retriever who happens to love cinnamon. After smelling them, we passed the jar around and all ate one ourselves. The two-legged members of the family liked them, too. I have to admit it was an interesting conversation telling my mother on the phone that we all just ate dog treats!

Next we tried the Oven Baked Miniature Biscuits Snickerdoodles. They smell as good as the Begg-nog Squares and are the perfect size for smaller dogs (or big dogs that seem to always want a treat). They are made with real vanilla, cinnamon and molasses. The pups loved these, and we didn't think they were too bad either. (I can't believe we ate dog treats again!)

Lastly, we had the Classic Wafers Holiday Duo - Cranberry and Banana Nut. The cranberry treats have a tangy cranberry scent and are flavored with natural cranberry flavor. The banana nut treats have real peanuts and natural banana flavor. I let my guys choose between the two when offering the treats a couple times. Solomon liked the banana nut ones, but Sam, Danny and Bella liked the cranberry treats. Bailey didn't care....she wanted them all!

I am never disappointed with anything from Three Dog Bakery, and my pups always love whatever they try. I may order some more of the Begg-nog Squares....and I might even let the dogs have some! ;)

These are special holiday treats, so order them soon for all your friends and their fur kids!

Watch for my next blog entry very soon. I will be having a drawing for a great gift basket. Details very soon!

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