Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Great, Great Dane

Although every dog is a hero to its owner in one way or another, there are hundreds of dogs in America who have performed truly brave feats in the face of danger. In 1954 Ken-L Ration decided to recognize these outstanding achievements  of our canine companions and began the Dog Hero Awards. Kibbles and Bits currently awards these amazing dogs. Only one dog each year is awarded the "Dog Hero of the Year" title.

I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the past winners, so from time to time I will post an article on some of these heroic dogs.

This is about Top, a great dane who was awarded this honor in 1969.

Los Angeles, California - In a heroic double-header, Top, a child-loving Great Dane owned by Axel Patzwaldt, saved two children from certain death. 

The dogs exploits began one morning when an eleven -year-old girl was allowed to take Top out for a walk. Crossing the street, she failed to notice a large truck barreling down the road. Top, barking loudly, jumped in front of the girl and pushed her backward out of the way. The girl was unhurt, but Top was hit by the truck, shattering his right rear leg. 

Top was rushed to the hospital and his leg put in a cast. He limped around painfully for weeks, but only one week after his cast was removed, Top saved another life. 

With Top's cast off, his owner let him out of the apartment to play by the pool. Seconds later, Top came running to the door, soaking wet and barking at the top of his lungs. His owner and other residents ran after him to find a two-year-old boy, Christopher Conley, at the bottom of the six foot deep pool. 

Top's owner, a former lifeguard, dove into the pool and brought the lifeless child to the surface. he began mouth to mouth resuscitation and managed to revive the boy. Paramedics arrived, and eight hours later, emergency room doctors pronounced Christopher out of danger. 

What an amazing dog! 

We'll look at another winner soon.

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