Thursday, July 19, 2007

Time out for a soapbox sermon!

Okay, guys. I'm taking a break from my pet food information postings to write about a current issue that has me both sickened and outraged.

Most of you are probably familiar with Atlanta Falcon's player, Michael Vick, who was indicted on charges of interstate commerce with intent to fight dogs, running an illegal dog fighting ring, and more. He has, of course, lied and denied all of this, blaming his family for taking advantage of him. Oh please. Others involved have talked, and the details listed in the indictment are gruesome. Dogs were cruely mistreated to make them mean and want to fight. Losing dogs, or dogs that didn't show enough "fighting spirit" were executed. Yes, executed. They were shot, hung, thrown from buildings, strangled, electrocuted, or body slammed against the ground until they were dead. (more......)

What kind of monsters are capable of this sort of thing? These men have no conscious, no integrity, and all they care about is the money they make from this horrific "sport".

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he is waiting to see the outcome of the indictment before he makes any decisions. Nike has suspended release of a new shoe bearing Vick's name pending the outcome.

Here is a portion of the letter I sent to Roger Goodell and to the Atlanta Falcons organization:

"Peter Rose, Sr. is a former player and manager in Major League Baseball. Rose played from 1963 to 1986, best known for his many years with the Cincinnati Reds. Rose, a switch hitter, is the all-time major-league leader in hits (4,256), games played (3,562), at bats (14,053), and outs (10,328). He won three World Series rings, three batting titles, one Most Valuable Player Award, two Gold Gloves, the Rookie of the Year Award, and made 17 All-Star appearances at an unequaled five different positions (2B, LF, RF, 3B, and 1B). Rose's nickname, Charlie Hustle, was given to him for his play beyond the "call of duty" while on the field.

Despite an amazing career and outstanding stats, he was permanently banned from baseball in 1989 on allegations of gambling on the game. No one was hurt, no one died (human or animal), but yes, he did break the rules. If he was banned for LIFE for betting on a few ballgames, then it only seems right that Vick be banned for LIFE from football. Any company with endorsement contracts with him should release him from those essence, fire him!

Seems like the punishment should be at least as severe, or worse, for Vick, don't you think?"

We need to send a message to scum like this that they cannot do whatever they want just because they are "celebrities".

If you want to read more about this, here are some links:

This is the indictment in full (including lots of sickening details):

This is a story that was posted on The Sports Network that explains it pretty well:

Consider writing to the NFL commissioner and the Atlanta Falcons organizations as I did:

Roger Goodell
National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Phone: 212-450-2000

Atlanta Falcons
4400 Falcon Parkway
Flowery Branch, GA 30542

Phone Number:770-965-3115

Website Address:

Email Address: Contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns at
AnimalBlawg has a legal analysis of the case, which hinges on conspiracy charges — they explain why.

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